Developers Tools

Below is a list of some tools that can be used to develop for Dungeon Siege. A recommended site for Dungeoneers - PlanetDungeonSiege.

3D Modeling Tools
Doga Shareware. Assembly parts modeling. Easy to use and fast to build models using existing parts. See Specs  
gmax Free version of a modified down 3D Studio Max. It will contain a plugin for Dungeon Siege. Start doing the tutorials!  
3DS Max 3D Studio - one of the top 3D game development tools out there.  
Paint/Graphic Tools
PhotoShop If you could only have 1 graphics tool, this would be it.  
Illustrator Handles all of your drawing needs.  
Paint Shop Pro A quality Paint program - now a 30 day trial by Jasc  
Freehand Easy to use Drawing application.  
Code Editors
UltraEdit Real editor with a language definition file created for skirt. Get the LDF.  
TextPad Similar to UltraEdit, I have created a syntax file for TextPad. Get skrit.syn for color highlighting. Once more is known about GAS files, I will create one for it as well. Also, a clip library is in the works.  
Sound Tools
Pro Tools DigiDesign offers a selection of hardware and software. The entry MIDI/Sound tool is free.  
Goldwave Digital audio editor.  
Cooledit Audio mixing, editing, effects processing.  
Web Tools
Dreamweaver Great tool for developing web sites. HTML is clean.  
Map Tools
AutoREALM Create simple 2D maps. Easy to use. GNU license.  



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