Code of Conduct

In order to provide the best Guild possible, we have established these guidelines for our members:

1. Membership is a privilege. Have Fun, Be Nice, and pay attention to these guidelines, or face the wild, burning wrath of the DSDG Executioner!!! =)

2. We are civil to each other. Pretty simple, but we need to keep in mind that we are doing this for enjoyment, and we should respect each other's ideas. We can disagree without getting personally aggressive about it. :) Expect critiques of work. Do not expect your critiques to automatically result in the changes you suggest.

3. We Communicate. Communicate to your team members and Guild members. If you are working on a project, make sure you give status updates of your progress. If you are on a project, but not working on any task, remind the Project Leader that you are available to help and let them know your interests. If you are not working on a project, ask around and let them know if you are interested. Use the forums, tasks, and email to increase your communication effectiveness. We will find good stuff for you to do!!!

4. We keep the Guild's "secrets". This just means that we don't give away what's going on in development to non-Guild members until the project is released, or at least ready for some public discussion. The Project Leader determines the project's public or private status.

5. We keep the Guild's content inside the Guild. Everything in the DSDG will eventually go Open Source, that is, available for public use without much limitation. As Guild members, however, we do not "publish" content or ideas created in the guild, such as spells, music, models, terrain, screenshots, animations, and such before the project using that content is released. This is the "no release before release" guideline. If for some reason the project is ended before release, the creators of the content are, of course, free to release it as they wish. The Project Leader has the final say in any deviations on this guideline.

6. We are free to participate in multiple Guild projects. A Project Leader might also be a music producer for another project. A modeler might also create a website. Members should feel free to explore their areas of interest and contribute in as many ways as they are able.

7. We are free to work on outside projects. We encourage the use of the Guild for building a strong development community and growing new projects. Even though you can work on outside projects, we request that they do not interfere with Guild activities. That is, please don't ask one projects' lead writer to stop working on a Guild project and work on your outside project instead. (On the other hand, recruiting help for Guild projects from Guild members is encouraged. Forming teams to work on outside projects on the side is fun, sometimes, but we recommend eventually bringing the projects and members into the Guild.

8. We resolve problems according to plan. When differences arise, as they often do between talented and intelligent people, we try to resolve them in a way that is fair to everyone. We have tried to structure the Guild to allow for maximum freedom while still providing foundations to get things done. Problems at a project level are generally resolved inside the project, with decisions being made by the Project Leader. Problems at the Guild-level, such as whether a certain mod group should work in the DSDG, are handled by the Guild Leaders, with differences resolved by the Guild Director. It is our hope that there will be enough going on continuously in the DSDG that every member will find great opportunities to contribute and be able to participate in the way that they most enjoy.

9. The Project Leader has authority over the project. The creator of the project is by default the Project Leader of the project. They have all the authority over their creation. They can have as many or as few people on their project as they choose. They can request help from others in the Guild. They can assign project titles and responsibilities to others. Project content should be self-policed, but the Guild will not accept projects with certain types of content (racist, copyright infringing, etc.) For example, though an X-Men mod might very well "rock", for the sake of all the members' projects, the DSDG must steer away from such ethically questionable material. (However, your character may actually be not Wolverine, but Rabid Badger, and we maybe could swing that…)

10. We are open to change. There is nothing about our little group that is beyond improvement and change. Every member may contribute in many ways, and we welcome participation and innovations. Please let your ideas be known. If you have suggestions for improving the Guild, bring it up for discussion in the forums, and /or send an email to the Guild Leaders.

- The Guild

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