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Under Construction! Please Check back later. The Getting Started Guide is being replaced by the following information.

Topics include: SourceForge Tools, DS Tools, 3D Tools

SourceForge Tools - Forums, Tasks, Email Lists, CVS, web sites, File Release

Forums - click the 'Monitor Forum' to have emails sent to you whenever someone posts to this forum. 'Save Place' allows you to know where you left off in the Forum by taking a timestamp and changing the color of the any post placed before that time.

Tasks - Keep up with your Tasks in the Task Manager. Look for the appropriate project. You can add Tasks. You can assign tasks to folks if you are a Lead. Appropriate partys will be sent an email when assigned or information for a task has changed.

Email Lists - Does your project need one? Are you on a project that has one? Remember to subscribe. Everyone should be on the dsdevguild-team mailing list.

CVS - All of our data, files, notes, web sites are in CVS. This allows us to have versioned files and eases the effort of people sharing work and working on the same files. Would you like to learn how to setup CVS access from your PC? We have 3 documents: WinCVS Guide, TortoiseCVS, and The Coward's Guide to CVS. We will try to merge the docs together, but for now you'll have to look at them. WinCVS Guide has more of the basic info as does Coward's Guide. The TortoiseCVS is the easy tool for doing mainipulation of CVS files just from your Windows File Explorer... but it still requires a lot of the inital setup that is described in the WinCVS Guide. Simply replace actions on WinCVS for actions on TortoiseCVS (i.e. you'll still need to run SFSetup tool after TortoiseCVS is installed).

Web Sites - (info on setting up your project on the web sites needed.) In short, keep your web site local hrefs relative to the document (not the site root). Zip up the web site and mail it to dsdevguild-guildweb@lists.sourceforge.net and we will publish it out.

File Release - want to release a file? (more info coming soon)

Temp Web Space - would you like to release some temporary files to the internet for sharing with others or viewing? http://dsdevguild.sourceforge.net/temp/ is just the place. You would have had to setup SSH and been able to connect to the servers. Also, you would need to be sure scp was installed. To move the file temp.gif to the web page type the following at the command prompt while connected to the internet (replacing your username for mine):

scp temp.gif mccann@shell.sourceforge.net:/home/groups/d/ds/dsdevguild/htdocs/temp

DS Tools - Skrit, SiegeEditor


Modeling - 3DS, Unwrapping

Unwrapping - GarageGames's arcticle on Unwrapping your mesh to create your own custom texture with 3DS Max

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