New Project Proposals

Think you might want your project to be a part of the DSDG? Please read the Code of Conduct and request project approval from the Guild Directors. You will all need SourceForge Usernames once your project is approved in order to add you to the Guild. Each member should visit the Join Us section.

Want to gauge the Guild interest in your project before joining the Guild? Think your project is "all that" and a bag of chips? Just post information about the mod you'd like to make to this forum, to see who's interested. The forum is for public discussion of the mod you have in design or in development.

Once you are sure that you'd like your project to join the Guild, you can email ( the following details to the Guild Directors about your project with the subject line "New Project Proposal: [your project title]". Tell us as much as you can about your project including:

  • the current Title of the Project
  • brief summary
  • public intro (see Project Ideas)
  • Project Creator/Leader
  • names of the current participants and their roles
  • required number and types of participants to complete
  • size of mod (hours of gameplay)
  • estimated time to develop
  • amount of custom content (nodes, models, animated models, textures, music, sound, etc)
  • level of difficulty to develop (just SiegeEditor = 1 very easy; all custom content = 10 Extremely Difficult)
  • targeting Single/Multiplayer
  • summary of what the mod involves (its key points, gameplay features, and coolness factors.)
  • do you have your own web site? do you need to publish your web pages on our site?


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