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Dungeon Siege developers Unite! Work with others to create and share code, ideas, models, textures, sounds, and quests for the Dungeon Siege game. This site is the user's site of the DS Developers Guild. Developers will want to head over to the SourceForge portion of the site (dsdevguild). Interested in joining?

Dungeon Siege Developers Guild's mission is to provide the best community for DS Developers, Artists, and Musicians.


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5/12/02 - 3 New Projects Join: MapForge, No Honor, The Marketplace

The Marketplace - designed to be the map made for buying, selling, and trading online between other players. No Honor will be the first (known) mod incorporating thieves' skills in Dungeon Siege... including skills like stealth, speed, locks, and pickpocket. MapForge will be a site dedicated to regions and maps being developed then put together by others (for those who might just want to build a dungeon, someone else can use that dungeon in a real siegelet).

3/20/02 - 1 New Project Joins- Vengeance

Vengeance joins the Guild! Vengeance is led by Rhys Yorke (a0).

3/16/02 - 2 New Projects Join - Circle of Elders and Weapons Forge

WeaponsForge created by KC (Gravitas) and Circle of Elders created by Carl Kwoh (RylanEv) have been added to the Guild! More details and project web pages are coming soon.

3/15/02 - Blood of Brothers Series

Blood of Brothers is the official title for series that will include the Graveyard Quest. We also voted to keep the Graveyard Quest as the official title for the first quest. We have also finished the background and Intro to the Series.

1/30/02 - SpellForge Project

A new project within DS Developers Guild is born! SpellForge will be an effort to create more schools of magic for Dungeon Siege. Currently, 2 schools are being designed. Contact Bardsley for more information. Project web page is coming soon.

1/12/02 - Graveyard Quest - Screenshots released

Thanks to Ron Norton for his awesome modeling, we now have some screen renderings of the Graveyard Quest. There will be more released in the near future.

1/11/02 - Ideas, Story, Plot - for the chained quests

We are ready to begin discussions of the land, story, and future 'chained' quests surrounding the Graveyard Quest. A new topic in the developers forum has been created for our discussions.

12/28/01 - Graveyard Quest development has begun.

The Graveyard Quest will be the first project on DS Developers Guild site. It should be simple enough to learn all the skills required in developing for DS and have it completed shortly after DS is released.

12/26/01 - A member of the Dungeon Siege Community

We are now a proud member of the Dungeon Siege Community. Dungeon Siege has added us to their community links page and has mentioned us in todays news.

12/24/01 - Web Site is Live

The Dungeon Siege Developers Guild web site went live today (not complete, but a work in progress). After spending several hours on the web site and graphics, it is time to start recruiting other DS'ers and begin creating some models. Until the game is released, we will primarily be focusing on learning the tools, creating potentially usable models/textures/sounds, and thinking of some project ideas (quests or total conversions).


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