Welcome to DSDG: MapForge

What is the place all about? Dungeon Siege Developers' Guild: MapForge lets all aspiring map builders and level designers share their work without the worry of having to build a full map. It also allows everyone to create full maps based on those regions, partial maps, and levels.


  • Regions - an area of land the has a consistent theme and is made up of at lease 1 DS node. Examples: a multi-level dungeon, a castle, a town, an island.
  • Maps - many regions tied together to form 1 large map. Maps can be linear or open. Maps can have monster placement and NPCs, shops, and quests. Maps can target certain level players. Maps are typically not completed siegelets - unless it is purely a hack & slash..

We will label, categorize, and publish the Maps and Regions to our high availability, high bandwidth download servers.


This site is still under construction, but if you'd like to help out... please apply to DSDG and let us know! Thanks.