Graveyard Quest Asset List

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Valley Environment High The quest land McCann (2d), Norton (3d) 70%  
Oak Tree Environment High swamp looking with big roots Norton 90%  
Willow Tree Environment Medium swamp looking with big roots ?    
Bolders Environment Low Block the mine entrance ?    
Weeds Environment Low   ?    
Stone Path Environment Medium main valley has paths to some important sections Norton 80%  
Pond Environment High moving water Norton 90%  
Bushes Environment Low   ?    
Maze Environment Medium Graveyard maze Norton 90%  
Waterfall Environment High moving water (pic2) Norton 90%  
Tomb Building High Main Tomb - old, stone, mossy, cracks? (pic3) Norton 80%  
Mining Camp Building High small mining buildings, sheds - dilapidated Evan 30%  
Gazebo Building High Crypt or stone gazebo McCann 90%  
Coffin Structure Low Main coffin - don't need one, but could use coffins ?    
Columns, Pillars Structure High Different shapes and sizes - with cracks and broken (1) Gravitas, Norton 60%  
Entrance Statues Structure High East and West Entrance Statues Norton 90%  
Monument Structure High Tall, marble ?    
Graveyard Statues Structure Medium Variety of types and sizes Norton, McCann, ?    
Entrance to Mines Structure     McCann 30%  
Spiral Rock Stair Case Structure   from tomb to graveyard Norton 90%  
Alter Structure Low inside dungeon or tomb Gravitas 50%  
Headstones Structure High grave headstones - many different shapes and sizes Norton, McCann, ? 50%  
Pile of Coins Treasure   (might be provided by DS)      
Hand Cart Equipment High   McCann 90%  
Pick Axe Equipment High   Barton 90%  
Shovel Equipment High   ?    
8 Sided Ruby Items High ruby - might not use this anymore Gravitas 90%  
Skeleton Key Items High bone key Gravitas 90%  
Zombies Character High (might be provided by DS)      
Ghost Character ? Transparent apparition ?    
Old Man Character High (use DS?) ?    
Old Man's Daughter Character High (use DS?) ?    
Troll Character High (or something like a troll - use DS?) ?    
Dungeon Level High Below Tomb - need level designs (and nodes) Urbanlegend ?  
Mines Level High need level designs (and nodes) Gravitas 40%  
Ghost Voice High (still need dialog)      
Old Man Voice High (still need dialog)      
Old Man's Daughter Voice High (still need dialog)      
Troll Voice High (still need dialog)      
Girl Screams Sounds   in Tomb and Dungeon (Hall reverb)      
Wind Sounds   gentle breeze      
Crickets Sounds          
Waterfall Sounds   small      
Force Sheild Sounds   around Gazebo      
Movie Trailer Song   song for the Flash Trailer      
5 game songs Song   different songs for the major areas (path, swamp/maze, tomb/dung, valley, mines); scary mood, minor key, etc. (Creep, ?) Richard deCosta ?  



  1. Dungeons and Mines will be built with Siege Editor.
  2. Things such as Traps and Special effects will be looked at for this project when more is known about Skrit and Siege FX.

Items we anticipate being provided by DS:

  1. Characters: skeletons, spiders, scorpions, snakes, giant ticks, mummies, alligators, ghosts, troll/orcs, zombies, ghouls
  2. Dungeon: halls, doors, torches, steel bars, sculptures, pottery
  3. Mines: RR tracks, barrels, support beams, torches, rock walls, wood crates
  4. Treasure: many different types of treasure, chests
  5. Environment: many different types of trees, vegitation, rocks, etc


Artistic Map of GQ - by Gravitas

Mines - by Gravitas



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