Blood of Brothers: Graveyard Quest

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This quest is part 1 in a many part quest in the land of Lindar entitled "Blood of Brothers". This quest takes place in an old swampy graveyard where a beautiful tomb rests on the hill and the abandon mines are now but a fading memory. For a full story on Blood of Brothers read the Intro. The land in this quest will be all new custom content. Here's an artistic view of the map.


Interested in joining this project? Contact McCann. All designs and other developer information will be kept in CVS (dsdevguild\dev\projects\quests\graveyard). Currently 2 maps have been created - valley and tomb. A JPG representation of them has been checked in, however, modification of the maps will require AutoRealm. A Task Manager and Forum have been created for developers only. 3D Models are also in development. The GQ flow has been determined and the details of the quest are in design.

Current Team

Charles McCann - Project Lead: story, 2d concepts, 3d models, concept main land map, (code TBD)
Ron Norton - Lead Artist: designing and developing main land, tomb; 3D models, textures, ideas;
KC (Gravitas) - Lead Level Designer: developing the mines; also 3D Models, story, ideas
Jesse Cameron - Lead Writer: story, ideas, (code TBD)
Richard deCosta - Lead Musician: Music

Jeromiah C. Prentice - Level Designer: designing the tomb dungeons; 2D designs, ideas
Chris Stubbings - Level Designer: mining camp area, swamp
Joe Bell - Webmaster: 2D art
Jeremy Knudsen - Conceptual Art/Ideas and 2D Art
Evan Heath - Artist: Miners Camp; 3D models
Mark Hechim - Artist: Broken Down Cart; 3D models
Ryan Bartusek - Artist: Great Wall and Gate; 3D models

The team will evolve so that others have a chance to lead in the different quests.

Other Contributors

Rick Roman - ideas


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