The Team

This is the Team that makes up DSDG. The Guild Members can work at the Guild and/or Project Level. Guild Directors are responsible for the communication, success, and use of the Guild. The Project Teams are responsible for the same things, but for the Project. See the Titles/Roles for more clarifcation. We also follow a set of guidelines (Code of Conduct) to help keep the Team working well together.


Guild Directors:

Guild Director - Charles McCann (mccann)
Guild Assistant Director - KC (Gravitas)
Guild Art Director - Ron Norton (ronnorton)
Guild Writer - Jesse Cameron (archangelwar)
Guild Music Director - (?)
Guild Software Director - (?)
Guild Siege Editor Director - (?)
Guild Webmasters - Charles McCann (mccann), Joe Bell (computerguruami), Jeremy Knudsen (pixelg)

Project Leaders:

The list of projects contains the project leaders.


** Guild Members**

Who's Who List and Details of our Members

SourceForge List - click on the username to get possibly more info about a user. Currently, the roles are mostly correct. However, Musicians are grouped under 'Graphic/Other Designer' for now.


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