Guild Titles

Guild Director Determines direction of guild, projects and people allowed in/out, guild vision/growth/maintenance/peace.
Guild Assistant Director Works directly with the Guild Director to provide vision/growth/maintenance/peace in the guild, advice, direction, and who's in/out.
Guild Art Director Expert in Graphics (3D and 2D); provides guides/tips for developing art for DS; handles guild questions regarding art; helps to ensure a high level of quality from our art.
Guild Software Director Expert in DS's software tools and languages (Skrit, GAS, etc); provides guides/tips developing custom software within DS; handles questions regarding software development
Guild Siege Editor Director Expert in the DS Siege Editor; provides guides/tips on using the Siege Editor; handles questions regarding SE.
Guild Music Director Expert in the composition of music for games; handles music questions, concerns, and quality; provides guides/tips.
Guild Writer Helps with the news for public and Guild members.
Guild Webmaster Helps maintain the Guild website under the guidance of the Director and Assistant Director


Project Titles

  • The Project Leader determines project positions and has the ability to add/remove positions as needed.
  • The Leads can do as much of the work as they would like, but they ensure the consistency, quality, and help their team members adhere to the common vision of the project; leaders will also assign tasks to their appropriate team members.
  • The Project Team should publish on a web site who is working on what and the roles they have within the project.
Project Creator Person that created or had the idea for the project; person is by default the Project Leader
Project Leader Empowers and leads teams; promotes and refines vision of project/story/design; keeps project on track
Lead Artist In charge of 2D and 3D art; keeps the overall art for project consistent; empowers other artists
Lead Musician In charge of music; keeps the overall music for project consistent; empowers other musicians
Lead Programmer Manages and empowers programmers and siegers
Webmaster Responsible for project web site (content, up-to-date, etc; can get help from artists)
Lead Writer Responsible for the story, dialog, language, and other copy content
Lead Level Designer Responsible for carrying out vision of Project Leader/Creator. Empowers Level Designers.


Roles within the Guild

The role will help define what type of things you can do... so that as projects need help, they can easily request it from the Guild members.

Artist - 2D art
Modeler - 3D art/models
Animator - Motion of 3D models
Level Designer - Creates the layout of the land, buildings, dungeons

Software Developer - Develops custom code (skrit, GAS, etc) for DS
Siege Editor Engineer - Uses siege editor
Siege FX Engineer - Uses siege FX
Flash Engineer - Creates flash applications
Web Author (webmaster) - Creates websites

Musician - Composes music
Sound Engineer - Creates sounds
Voice Actor - Creates vocal parts and dialog

Storyteller - Writes the flow and plots of the quests
Writer - Dialog, text, or other parts requiring a word smith



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